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Roots York

Site Design

A new, modern look for the next chapter of the Banks Family's latest restaurant.

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Roots York is the latest venture from Britain's youngest Michelin-starred chef, Tommy Banks. Following on from the website design of the sister restaurant, The Black Swan, the Roots team asked for their site to be more modern and out of the ordinary, to appeal to younger customers - whilst reinforcing the Banks family values of home-grown ingredients and high quality service.

The result is a stripped back site which lets the stunning food photography take centre-stage. A mix of bold serif headlines and warm colours invite the user to learn more about the Banks story, encouraging them to book a table at Roots.

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Loyle Carner

Asset Creation

Album pre-roll and promotional assets for Loyle Carner's "Not Waving, But Drowning"

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Loyle Carner's latest release is a DIY, rough and ready, emotional record - which the visuals needed to match. The video needed to promote the album and the 3 single releases. Previous visuals for the campaign included old film footage and negative reels, so I decided to take that look and feel, and run with it.

I've also created some static graphics for the label to use internally around the album, including a character profile below:

Mercury KX


Creating an online identity for Decca's new post-classical record label: Mercury KX.

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A clean, modular site to reflect the ambient music that the label represents. Elements of the brand are scattered throughout the site, with emblems on each article. The site remains mainly monochrome until elements are hovered on, bringing them to life.

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I've also created some Spotify Canvas assets for the label, for artists including Ólafur Arnalds and Sebastian Plano. These 8 second looping videos are seen by Spotify's mobile users - the video plays in the background on repeat throught the song's duration.

James Blake

Track Visualisers

Promotion for James' latest album, Assume Form.

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I created a set of YouTube visualisers used to promote new tracks from James' forthcoming album, "Assume Form". Given only a colour palette and a rough cut of some projection graphics to work with, I came up with the idea of an abstract display of these elements in time with the track:


Asset Creation

Lyric Videos for HRVY - Told You So.

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Below are a number of videos I made to promote HRVY's single, "Told You So". The brief was to keep a lyric based style, in line with the current artist brand guidelines and artwork colours. The videos were used as social media content for the artist's instagram.

Black Swan

Site Design

Website design for Tommy Banks' Michelin starred restaurant.

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Website design for Michelin Star restaurant Black Swan Oldstead, voted 'Best Restaurant in the World' by TripAdvisor in 2017. The site gives an almost editorial feel with offset text against stunning imagery - the brief was to keep it simple and elegant, with hints of the restaurant's character and 'farm to table' cooking process.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing for Samsung UK

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I’ve designed multiple emails for Samsung Electronics UK. These emails are targeted people who have purchased and registered a Samsung product. Many act as a follow up email, creating an early engagement with the user by highlighting different functions and features of a new product, or simply keeping them up to date with Samsung’s latest product developments.

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